Just in Time

I received my new teaching license yesterday. Just in time! It would have been awkward if school started before I'd gotten it~

I haven't been writing here because I have been building things! Cellar Door the Builder! I shall post soon about all that.

Also, my dear daughter will be starting kindergarten on September 4. Kindergarten! How is this possible?

She recently figured out how to ride a bike with training wheels. We live on a big hill, with no sidewalks, so she may be a little late with this one. It's sometimes painfully slow walking beside her while she rides, because she seems to need to stop and talk every four pedal revolutions or so.

Five year old little girls, they never shut up! But we love her.


  1. That is too cool. I like talkative 5 year old girls...

  2. I think you like one, especially. So do I.