Building Stuff, Number 2

Bunkbed, with bench underneath instead of bed, just to confuse Little Z's preschool teacher who asked,

"Do you sleep on the top or the bottom?" So Z said,

"I sleep on the top because there is no bed on the bottom!"

Which was very confusing to her teacher. But it is actually true.

The reason for the bunk bed was a little embarrassing: Little Z actually turned five and was still sleeping in her crib with the one side of bars removed. She thought it was fun to demonstrate to us that her body filled the mattress from top to bottom

"But that's okay," she said, "because I curl up and bend when I sleep."

Which just made me feel worse, that she was so nice about sleeping in a little crib when she was five. So, I made her a bunk bed, Pooh Bear themed by request. (The Pooh Bear stickers are just some cheap Walmart crap, but they sure look swell, don't they?)

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