Building Stuff, Number 3

For the bunk bed, I needed a mattress. So, I took it off of "Aunt Lou's Bed". Then there was no Aunt Lou's bed. So, I built a new bed for Aunt Lou:

The head board is actually the two ends of the crib put together.

I used the mattress from underneath our bed, the thing giving our "bed" height. Without the added height from the random old mattress underneath, the bed in our room looked like what it was: a mattress on the floor.

You see how it is? Where does it all end?

So, I realized I needed to make BAH and me a bed.


  1. I see that your cats are doing their #1 job of home object inspection. It's their civic duty. And I love the headboard made of the crib. :)

  2. My cats would be using under that bed as number 1 defence hide out anytime their worming tablets are due.

  3. Yes, the cats are quite diligent.