Building Stuff, Number 4

So, for our bed, I was thinking "grandiose". Somehow, though, everything I make looks vaguely Swedish. It must be genetic.

"You know what would really be nice?" said BAH. "What would really be nice would be a bed outside, like a raised bed, sort of a bunk bed outside to go camping on? That would be nice."

"I'm done making beds!" said I. "Forget it. I go back to work soon. I can't do this stuff anymore."

"I'll help you!"


I guess I'm a sucker for teamwork...

Tomorrow: The final installment of "Building Stuff," Stargazing Station.


  1. It would look grandiose if you hung red velvet curtains up all around the upper frame.

  2. Yeah, I thought so, too. But it was too much effort to make them. I reached the tipping point. I'm done!