Save the brats!

Bad Assed Husband broke his foot today. It happened like this: he was barbecuing, and he walked down the back door steps, but he didn't walk down the back door steps, he fell down the back door steps. They are concrete.

I was in the kitchen and heard a terrible shriek from outside. I ran out and he was sitting on the pavement, in agony,

"What do I do?" I asked. "Should I call the doctor?"

"The brats! You have to turn the brats!" he yelled, and then he nearly fainted from pain. So I helped him inside and got him a glass of water.

"I think I'm going to faint," he said. "Did you turn the brats?"

We called the doctor and the doctor said... "come in and get an x-ray." So. We decided to finish cooking the brats, and eat them, first. They were delicious. Charcoal barbecuing is the best. BAH ate his on the couch, leaning back with his foot perched up on some pillows. The foot had a bump where a bump shouldn't be. It was strange looking.

Then, Little Z and I took Daddy to the doctor. The doctor assured us in a really weird way that everything was going to be okay,

"A lot of things in your body, you brake them, they never really get better. This part always heals well, though, no problems. You'll be fine."

I then had to ask,

"What if I came to you with one of those parts broken, the parts that never really get better?"

"I wouldn't tell you that, then. I would say something more reassuring."

What an honest doctor!

Then they fitted Bad Assed Husband for a "boot" instead of a cast. It's this big thing with lots of straps to keep his foot immobile.

The nurse said,

"You have to have a Master's Degree in Engineering, almost, to figure out how to get this thing on." Then Bad Assed Husband said,

"I actually have a Master's Degree in Engineering."

It's true! He does. So, can he put the boot together? You might ask.

Yes, he is quite capable with the boot. It totally makes the whole "Master's Degree in Engineering" thing worth while!

We had leftover brats for dinner, too. They were still really delicious.


  1. Staying to eat the food is exactly what Mumsey and I did when she fell and broke her femur last August. Those brats look delicious! Our food was not that delicious. Glad all turned out ok. Great that he has that engineering background... Good luck to student and teacher and engineer tomorrow.

  2. Bummer! Hope BAH has a full and expeditious degree notwithstanding! :o)

  3. Oh, and did you slather plenty o' mustard on those brats? I allus does; can't hep it.

  4. Sausages first, first aid later. That's a clear priority list.