Rare Politcal/ Religious Rant

I guess I am not Muslim and I do not understand Muslims. However, I am an atheist and I am quite regularly insulted by every religious group on Earth - except for the Tibetan Buddhists, so I respect them quite a bit. All sorts of false assumptions are made about me as an atheist, and I ignore them. So many bad things are assumed about atheists that I never publicly admit to being one. These people who make terrible assumptions do not know me and I don't care. Who cares if all Christians believe I am going to hell? I do not share their belief system. Even when people tell me personally that I am going to hell, I just don't give them any energy. Their experiences have led them to different beliefs.

I guess I also have a thick skin because I teach thirteen year olds.

So, I do not understand. I am baffled that people have actually been killed now because Mohamed has been insulted. This Youtube video was clearly produced by someone just to anger Muslims. So, if I were a Muslim, I would, oh, I don't know, ignore it?

This is my perspective: At any given moment in time, 90 percent of the world will not agree with me. So what?

All I can think of to be compassionate to the Muslim rioters world wide is this: They don't understand that one crazy person in America does not speak for America. And they do not understand free speech. This is a tragedy, that they should not understand these two concepts fundamental to our very existence. It's terrible. What can we do?


  1. The people who are rioting about this already hate America, and the West. Frankly anything like this is just a gift to them.

  2. Your mini-essay should be pasted in the front of every Koran in the world.

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