The Week in Review

The week started with BAH breaking his foot, and ended with a near tragic beer calamity!

Little Z started kindergarten on Tuesday. I am too tender hearted to start kindergarten, myself. I go with her every morning and drop her off, and my belief in public education completely dissolves. Those poor souls. We should just let them stay with their mommies for all of eternity. Most of them are fine, happy, but there are the few who are so lost, so not ready to join the grind. Little Z seems okay, though. My main advice to her was,

"Use the bathroom every break they give you. That way, you won't pee on the bus," and she said,
"I learned that already in preschool."

Did you know that they don't have nap time anymore in kindergarten? Unbelievable.

I fretted about her all day, while I was at my first day of school.

But, all went well. After I picked her up at the bus (right outside our house- such service!) she informed me that a naughty boy had told the teacher that he hated her,
"Not even in his indoor voice, either- he yelled it! And we were inside!" and also, she said, "The bus was like a roller coaster!"

So, my second piece of advice to her, after the bit about going to the bathroom when you can, was,
"Don't make friends with that kid who hates the teacher. Be nice to him, but keep your distance."

"I will show a good example and he will learn to be nice someday!" she said.

Well, probably not. But I just nodded and smiled.

At one of the schools where I teach, I had a parent complain that her daughter, "said she was the only white kid in the class. Is that true? We're not racist, but..."

I could go on, but I won't!

Every year I teach, I enjoy it a little bit more.

Having a husband with a broken foot and a hobby farm makes for a very busy me. So busy, in fact, I lost three pounds this week. How careless of me.

I didn't drink beer all week because I was disgusted with how much beer I drank last week. BAH still wanted beer, though, so I was carrying his beer and getting the mail at the same time, and tragically, I dropped the beer. The tops of the beer caps came loose and beer started squirting all over the street. None of the beers were broken, though. Just the caps came off, partly. I righted them, still squirting, and brought them into the sink.

They were all going to just go flat! Beer, precious beer, wasted! It was clearly a sign from god that I had to drink the beer- not that I believe in god when she isn't telling me to drink beer. Anyway, I saved the beer. My good deed for the day. I drank it. Then went to meet the school bus. I may now be known by the bus driver as: That Drunk Mom. Or not.


I realized I was going to have to mow the lawn. I had never done that before. I cook and clean, like every good feminist, and pretend like I don't, and he mows the lawn. Of course. But he couldn't mow the lawn, even on the riding mower, because the brake is on his bad foot side. I said,

"So, how do you mow the lawn?" and he said,

"What do you mean how do you mow the lawn? You drive the lawn mower around the yard and it mows the lawn!"

I wrote that down carefully on my note pad. Then I went and mowed the lawn.

It was surprisingly fun. I only hit the truck with the riding mower once!



  1. You did the right thing, about the beer. It's what I would have done, or at least tried to do before then feeling bad about it and giving up.

  2. It would have been a tragic thing for that beer never to have met its destiny.

  3. So glad everyone respected the beer decision!

  4. Beer, beer, the musical, wait! that's not right. Uh, well, you can do no wrong beer-wise. I think. I'm a wine enthusiast myself but still can appreciate your beer anxiety know? :o)

  5. It makes me a jolly good fellow... or... something like that.