The Babyfoot Chronicles

Bad Assed Husband (BAH) broke a bone in his foot a little over a week ago. The cast is removable, and he was told that he could take it off while relaxing. While he was relaxing, I noticed that the skin on the broken foot was whiter than his other skin. The skin stretched smooth over the swollen foot. It looked like a baby's foot, so wrinkle free and puffy. It was almost cute, yet strangely wrong looking on a grown man.

BAH is out at the moment, so I cannot take a photo, but the foot looked something like this:

... but with a hairy man leg attached.

So, BAH thought that was really funny, that he had a Baby Foot. And thus was "Babyfoot" born.

"Babyfoot is tired," he says when he comes home from work. (Babyfoot has this Babyfoot voice, too, sort of like Towley.)"Babyfoot had to walk so far today! That makes Babyfoot want to cry. Waaa."

I am terrified of Babyfoot.

"Babyfoot doesn't want to be confined in that stupid boot anymore," apparently. "Babyfoot wants to be free!"

I don't want Babyfoot to be free. I want Babyfoot locked up in that boot where nothing bad can happen to Babyfoot. I see Babyfoot propped up on an ottoman, all naked and Babyfoot like, and I just know I'm going to drop a bowling ball on Babyfoot! Then Babyfoot will look like this:

Owner of Babyfoot does not share my fear, and just lets Babyfoot go galavanting around any old way. The night before last, Babyfoot bonked into the bed frame and got hurt. Babyfoot is looking a little bit green and purple now, not so Pure White Babyfootish. More just plain old Hurtfoot than Babyfoot, actually.

I think we all miss Regular Healthy Man Foot a whole lot. I hope he comes home soon.


  1. I am waiting for the next installment of the "Babyfoot Chronicles"

  2. It could be worse. He could throw his voice like a ventriloquist for added creepiness.