Congratulations, Mrs. Turkey!

I was cleaning out the pen with the little chickens and Mrs. Turkey sitting on eggs this morning, and I noticed something: a poult (baby turkey) was walking around! It hatched!

As it was standing there, a chicken pecked it. So, I decided it was time to move the chickens to the chicken coop. As I went around to catch the fifteen young chickens to take them to the chicken coop, a funny thing happened: they all ran to Mrs. Turkey! They think she's their mama!

And poor Mrs. Turkey was trying to protect her poults.

Thank goodness for little girls and their butterfly nets:

That's a chicken in there. I took them one by one to the other pen. As I did this, the remaining ones got even closer to Mama Turkey. They went under her and over her and behind her and on top of her.

Somehow, I finally convinced Mrs. Turkey to get up and walk around, and there were still four chickens and six or seven poults hiding underneath her! They're still under her in this picture. Do you see the little turkey standing in front of mama turkey?

Poor Mrs. Turkey.

I finally got all of the chickens out of that pen. They didn't like being separated from their mama at all. The irony is that I put them in with their actual parents.

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