The Nature Collection

Little Z got stung by a bee today in our nifty above ground swimming pool. I thought it was quite ironic, considering recent events. I didn't laugh, though. That would be cruel. It was difficult, but I did not laugh. She said it wasn't a honeybee. It was right on the tip of her finger where she got stung. She's fine.

I was weeding. This is what the good part of my garden looks like:

You can't see the bad part.

I was weeding the bad part today, which is actually wonderfully full of strawberries but also terribly full of weeds. And Little Z started replanting the weeds I pulled in pots. She told me,

"Give me your biggest weed! With some root, too!" And she replanted them, "for her nature collection".

The nature collection is this interesting assortment of things she has collected in the outdoors. It is always changing. She used to give tours. Once, she tried to charge me $5 for the tour. I said,

"How about a dime?" and she said,


The nature collection right now has a grasshopper in a jar, some rocks, some flowers in a an old ice cream tub, some sand, and now, weeds.

One thing is certain: Mumsey would not approve.

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