At Mary's house.

Looking through the window in the door, you can see the Fortune Teller with her crystal ball. The Fortune Teller is a toy lady who came from Dig N' Save, Madison's cheapest, dirtiest thrift store, which sells toys by the pound. I believe Mary said she paid 30 cents for the fortune teller, who began speaking to a shocked Mary on the car ride home. The Fortune Teller answers yes or no questions about the future, but she has many, many ways of saying yes or no. Little Z asked Fortune Teller if I was beautiful, and Fortune Teller said,

"I wouldn't count on it."

"Clearly, she lies," I said. (Parenting advice: Always call yourself beautiful in front of your daughter.)

Then we asked Fortune Teller if my friend Heather was coming to the party. Fortune Teller said,

"Don't hold your breath." [Heather never showed.]

We asked if Fortune Teller liked Mary's house, and she said,

"I cannot be certain."

I'll forgive the Fortune Teller for her poor taste... this time.

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