I Love Doing This!

Reading, building things out of wood, finding cool lamps at thrift stores.


  1. Nice find!

    I collect Tiffany-style lamps at swap meets, thrift stores and such. Got started on them after visiting Scotty's Castle in Death Valley a long time ago. The ambiance of all those lamps was absolutely enchanting and I was determined to duplicate it in my own houses.

  2. This one is old, even to us, and I believe BAH rewired it when it was first acquired. It doesn't have a switch at all; we just have it hooked up to the light switch. I love it.

    Death Valley is an interesting place. It is like no other. My grandpa screamed at a police officer there once, "WE NEED A RESTAURANT!!!" I remember a deserted resort. Death Valley. What a name! I don't remember Scotty's Castle though, sadly. Grandpa wouldn't let us go shopping. He was hungry.

  3. That was the Salton Sea where we were hungry. Or maybe he's done that multiple times.

  4. I think Beer and Burritoes is right. Death Valley wasn't where the restaurant screaming was. Death Valley was where I was only allowed to leave the car for the time it took to snap a picture. Still, I sadly missed doing anything fun.

    I think my niece is very much into flying planes. She goes to her town's EAA meetings, the only girl amongst old men. She was so excited to go back and tell them all she'd been to Oshkosh!