1. Wonder Niece left us a beautiful letter about all of the things she learned in her stay with us. One of the things she learned was, "less is more". This puzzles me and BAH both. I thought our lifestyle to be fairly lavish while she was visiting. I wonder if it's just about food? I encouraged her to order less at restaurants. That was just because it's so expensive.

2. Magical Mother-in-Law is coming! Magical Mother-in-Law is coming! Magical Mother-in-Law is coming for an extended stay!

3. I lost the onions. This is something I had never considered possible. The onions were ripening, so I weeded and mulched around them. Onions, I discovered, lose their stems when they are ripe. Then the chickens walked around and kicked the mulch all over them. Then someone in our farm co-op ordered onions, and it took me twenty minutes with a pitch fork to find them- sort of. I only found a pound. I don't know where the rest went.

4. Little Z cried terribly today because a chicken ate the only tomato on her tomato plants.

5. Kids. I mean, give me a break! It's a TOMATO! She said, "It isn't just a tomato!" and I said, "Yes, it is! It's just a tomato!" and that shockingly did not make her feel better.

6. I took Wonder Niece and Little Z to the top of the Sears Tower on Monday and I got really freaked out. My brain kept telling me terrible things about being responsible for these two kids of varying ages at the top of the world. Mostly, though, I think the height was getting to me. I was also worried we were never going to get the trampoline, because it was Little Z's birthday, and we were supposed to go to Illinois to get her a trampoline. I called BAH from the top and I couldn't hear what he was saying. I'm really glad I couldn't, because I asked him after we got home (10 PM) and he said, "I asked you if you got the trampoline!" which of course we hadn't yet, and the people weren't answering their phone in spite of multiple calls. But we got the trampoline, finally, at 8 PM. Little Z had wanted one for a couple of years. She used to call it a "bounce-a-leen". We've been bouncing.

It all worked out. It always does.

I was so freaked out at the top of that tower.

They made us even watch a movie about how great it was, and about how some British shmucks rented out all the floors and renamed it "Willis Tower". I mean, really.

7. I used to work for Sears.

8. The new sheep fence is STILL NOT DONE!

9. Little Z learned how to swim this week. It was like, last week, she couldn't swim, and this week, she could. Except that the way she swims is terrifying. She swims under water for a long time, and then, when she can't hold her breath any longer, she comes up for air and looks for all the world like she's drowning, and then down she goes again to swim under water. So now she just jumps into the deep end without a care in the world. I was so freaked out at that swimming pool.

Little Z says, "I can understand how you would be scared, but I'm not ascared [sic], because I already did it once."

The picture shows her swimming with a responsible adult, but later on she only had me.

10. For the Rule of Threes, I should really think of something else that freaked me out this week, but I can't think of anything.


  1. Man, that's one freaking list!! :o)

    I used to fly airplanes for a living and heights like that never bother me...although I do get a little uncomfortable looking over the edge of, say, the face of halfdome in Yosemite valley (which I did as a kid) where there's no fence/railing, and will get down on my belly to approach and look over the edge.

    Oh, and yes, a tomato IS more than a's a miracle!

  2. Wonder Niece wants to be a pilot.

    I did promise Little Z that we would put a chicken fence up around the garden this week. It was an heirloom tomato, after all, and she's an extremely picky tomato eater. She won't even tough those grocery store tomatoes.

  3. Sorry to say, I can't recommend it as a career. The industry's changed so drastically, with more ugly changes coming. However, she should try it (i.e., take a few lessons) and if she finds she really LOVES it, well, there's always a place for the properly motivated and clever pilot candidate for employment somewhere.

    I did it the "easy" way (moneywise, anyway, but not stresswise)-- the USAF trained me.