Awesome Godless Whores Swamp Wine

Zgjenyue and I are starting the Awesome Godless Whores Brewery. I mean not really, or possibly really, I don't know I just go with the flow... So I've been experimenting...

I made my own wine, out of the grapes growing off Melodi's porch. It tastes... Awful. Like grapefruit, which I don't like. But it's so highly alcoholic that after about three sips, you really don't care what it tastes like. I have no idea what I did here. It's sooooo murky. Swamp wine, I'll call it. Hard wine. This will put hair on your chest, this wine. If I die tonight, at least I've been to Pittsburgh.


  1. I like grapefruit as a shampoo or body wash. I hate the taste if it. But I might be inclined to try something called swamp wine. I like the swamp.

  2. I totally forgot about our brewery! let me know what you need me to do.

  3. Christina McMullen- I think there is some sort of drink called Swamp Water?

    Jen aka Zgjenyue- Just get all of our licensing taken care of. Pay all of the government fees. Buy the brewing equipment and bottling plant. And open a pub. I'll provide the hops! Sound good?