The Hops Poles Are Up!

I've been working on this for several weeks:

1. Clear area of weed trees. (A long and involved task.)
2. Find the correct wood in our little forest full of fallen trees, trim them, and haul them to the correct sight.(A long and involved task.)
3. Till land. (Not too difficult, with our good Troybuilt rear tine tiller.)
4. Install hardware on posts to hold up the rope which will attach to twine leading down to stakes next to the actual hops plants. (A fairly simple task, once begun.)
4. Dig post holes with auger. (Easy as can be for me; Bad Ass Husband did it! Thank you!)
5. Erect posts unto holes. (Much easier than I thought it would be. BAH and I easily did it together.)
Here is a picture of me in front if the future hops garden, taken by Little Z (I had to promise her I would play stuffed animals with her for an hour. She drives a hard bargain!):

Next step: plant the actual hops!

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