Get Your Mind off Wintertime

That's my dad (Bobby Lee Quasar) on pedal steel, playing with Manzanita Moon. They play better now than they did when I was a kid! Must be all of that practice. I'm pretty sure he's been playing with Michael Kane (on fiddle) for almost my whole life? Every dance, private party, outdoor shindig, county fair, or wedding in the 1980's in Sonoma County, it seemed like my dad would play with Michael Kane or some outfit like this, some of these same songs, and I was there, mooching root beer from somewhere and sitting on a fencepost, trying to find some other kids to play with, but usually talking with my dad's fans instead. They always said the same two things: "Your dad's amazing," and "You look just like him." (Unfortunately, they weren't talking about his looks when they said the first part.) All history aside, it's a nice set they do here. I'd hire them. :)


  1. I got a big kick out this. I've been down those musical roads myself.

  2. That first song to me right back to the fun days during college. My best friend and roomie took the lead and let me play and sing along on that one. I feel like I could join right in with your dad's band. It makes me smile.

  3. Aw shucks, you say such nice things.

    Michael and I have been in a lot of bands together, but I didn't meet Manzanita Moon until this century. Michael's new to the band, replacing Alice, their little old school teacher who played The Devil Went Down To Georgia like nobody's business.