The Origins of the Tardis Painting

The first re-imagined thrift store painting I did was the Star Trek One:

I put a picture of it on Facebook and here, and *Alex Bledsoe's wife contacted me, wanting to buy it. They're members of my farm, so when I delivered their eggs that week, I also delivered the Star Trek painting. They were delighted with it, and not only did they pay me money for it, but they said they had another picture sitting around that they really disliked, and,

"maybe you can do something with this." They then gave me a gigantic signed and numbered print of ducks that someone in their family had given them, years ago.

It looked like this:

I had this idea right away that something odd lurked beneath the water. But I thought it should be something the Bledsoe's liked, since they gave me the framed signed and numbered print from 1979. I once saw a child of their's holding a sonic screwdriver. Which gave me an idea... 

That's the Doctor's hand with the sonic screwdriver, coming out of the lake. I guess you know what the tardis is all about. 

I was thinking I would put it in this local gallery and sell it. But then I put it on my wall, and...

It matches all of the dark wood in my house. Art that matches the couch! Everyone's dream. I'm not sure if it's for sale. BAH likes it, too. 

It could happen.

* Read The Hum and the Shiver by Alex Bledsoe, and you will suddenly be impressed that I know Alex Bledsoe. I know that I'm impressed that I know Alex Bledsoe. 


  1. I don't understand the 'tardis' reference?

  2. It's fan art for Dr. Who, a tv show where a time lord travels the universe in "The Tardis," that phone booth like thing I painted.

  3. Ah yes, I've heard of him but never seen the program...

  4. I LOVE it! I just discovered your blog because you just found mine, and I love your art. And since you are a knitter, do you know about And do you make your own yarn from your sheep? If so, lucky you!

    1. Okay, now I am signed up to Ravelry, user name Maddogmarohn. Haven't figured it out yet... Thanks!

  5. Knittergran- so glad we found each other! I didn't know about I do now! I'm looking into how to join... The goal is to make our own yarn from our sheep, but at the moment, I'm still carding it! I have it for sale raw on etsy. I have a room full of raw wool in my house, and the six sheep I have now are all pregnant, so I really need to learn how to do this!