Fear of Calling: It's all Greek to me.

I've just been editing and re-writing, so I don't have much to post here today about Avoiding Sex with Frenchmen. I promised I wouldn't just re-post things that you had already read, so at this point, you may have to wait a month to see what I did with it. There are more drawings, but you'll have to get the book to see them! (I know, I know. Tricky of me.)

So, that's how I've been spending a lot of my time: editing. BORING- for blogging about, at least. I don't mind doing it.

I definitely haven't been spending my time talking on the phone. Screen shot of my phone statement:

I have a phobia of calling people. Is there a name for that? Let me check these here internet tubatures... ah, yes... apparently, I only have telephone apprehension, not telephonophobia. (Not the most creative name. I'm disappointed. If I named it, I would have it come from the Greek:

τηλέφωνο - o - phobia.

Way cooler!) (I don't know how to change the text size in blogger! Why did it suddenly get so large? This is so embarrassing! I'm so sorry to be yelling at you! OMG! This is just the type of thing I worry would happen if I called you on the telephone!)

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