Pictures and Poetry Go Well Together

Nothing much has happened to me lately, so it's just the right time to review Just the Right Time, with poetry by Robyn Alana Engel, artwork by Robin Mead. I'm not normally a poetry person, but I recently started reading the blog of Robyn Engel, "Life By Chocolate" and it's just really funny and entertaining. (Nobody tell her I hate chocolate, okay? I get enough guff about that.) So, I bought the book. It was a steal at $5.

And it's great! I also enjoyed the art work, which is mostly a lot of fancy watercolors of birds- robins. This is the review I left on Amazon: 

It's the Bob Newhart of poetry, in its subtle humor. Paintings of robins run through it, and it was written and illustrated by Robyn and Robin... coincidence? Probably not. The art is beautiful and touching. The poetry is simple yet deep. It's nostalgic and funny. I loved it.


  1. You really don't like chocolate? What do you like?

    1. I like some chocolate covered things, like raisinettes or chocolate covered cherries. But I don't much care for solid chocolate, chocolate cake, or pudding, and I really detest chocolate ice cream. Rocky road is the absolute worst. But I like almost everything else in the world.