Avoiding Sex with Frenchmen: More Drawings

(If you are new to this blog, take note: the following are drawings for a book I'm working on which will be titled, Avoiding Sex with Frenchmen (A picture book for adults). I published my rough draft as a serial here on the blog.)

"You know, I think they put the Eiffel Tower in at night. Little frogs come and carry it away to a safe place. Because we took the Metro into town, and we were walking, and walking, and walking, and where was the Eiffel Tower? It was nowhere. Nowhere to be seen. When Hemingway said, "A Movable Feast," he was alluding secretly to the Eiffel Tower. Those French people don't really like all of these Americans in their city all of the time. They do their best to keep us away with disdain and rudeness, but still, we keep coming. So they hide the Eiffel Tower sometimes. For fun. You really can't blame them at all. We are very annoying, talking about money openly and our medical problems, eating our synthetic health foods. Nondairy creamer. We are almost intolerable." 
The next ones are all for page numbers. These are hasty sketches- since they are going to be tiny in the final product, I haven't been spending too much time on details. Also, I've got to do 117 of them!

I seem to have made a lot of them look like famous people or people I know. Or is it my imagination?

This one looks like Gerard Depardeau to me. 

Nobody knows what the nose knows.
(Used to be a feature on the local news program
when I was growing up in the Bay Area.) 

This guy I knew in high school who was really annoying.

So judgemental!

This one looks to me like David Bowie. Or possibly my friend Andrius Gramauskas.

And this looks like some actor I don't remember the name of... but familiar.
Do they just all have common faces?

I don't think I'll show you every single drawing, but you get the idea. 

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