New Chickens! Just Hatched.

Two chicks hatched last night! We just removed them from the incubator, and I took a little movie of them. Little Z named them "Cheepsickle" and "Muffin." (I'm glad she chose food names...)

We incubated 23 eggs, so we're hoping these are just the first two of many.


  1. Hi Shoshanna or should I say Mindless Minion.
    I am still trying to find my way around your blog. Not easy for technically impaired readers!

    I saw an arty page somewhere, now I can’t find it. Typical.

    Thanks for following me. Not being a Google circles kind of blog I can’t visily follow you but I’ve added my tick to the subscribe button.

    Greetings from the back of beyond, Friko

  2. Me again. Sorry, I forgot to say how cute the chicklets are. They’re like lambs, cute when they’re new, not so appealing fully grown.

  3. They are so cute! And fluffy! Are they for eating or for eggs? I hope for eggs.

    1. If they turn out to be female, they are for eggs. If they turn out to be male, usually for eating- unless he is exceptionally well mannered and friendly. Then he gets to rule the roost as the next rooster!