February's Blog of the Month: Ack! Thbbbt!

I've been keeping up with Roses of Ackthbbbt for years, now. It's fun to live vicariously through her- even in the tough times, and she's had some tough times. Ackthbbbt is a personal blog, written by a woman who worked in radio for many years, and is now going back to school. Unlike every other blog I ever read, there are no pictures on Ackthbbbt. It's just Roses, telling stories. But her stories are so engaging, I don't care that there are no pictures. I can see it all in my head. She writes about her work, her kids, funny things her husband says, older son, younger son, the death of her sister: just everything. One entry that sticks out in my mind is when her son took up juggling sticks of fire. She rationalized it, and you could see how it came to pass, but holy cow! Her teenaged son was juggling with fire! It was hilarious. (I'm sorry, I tried searching for it, but I couldn't locate that particular entry. Her son ended up making some money at the farmer's market with his performance.) Like most of her stories, it's not just funny. There's meaning in there, too. In the juggling fire story, it was something about how you need to let your kids be who they are, even if it is scary and dangerous at times.

Some of my other favorite entries are when Roses makes fun of people she has worked with.
Or when she writes about radio. Or the conversation at breakfast. Or just anything, actually.

Like all great raconteurs, she knows that it's the small moments that matter most.

Roses explains what the name means, here.

Congratulations, Roses! Your blog is the blog of the month.


  1. Wow.
    Just wow.

    You have made me feel wonderful with your words.
    I am honored. Truly.

    Can I give you a hug?