Candy Gets Her Head in a Knot

Do you remember when we saved this little lamb named Candy Darling? Candy is a sweet little lamb. Little Z has decided, because Z doesn't have a horse, that she will ride Candy like a horse- which is fine, except that Candy is a wee little lamb still. She's just getting her horns!

Which brings us to her current predicament:

A couple times a day, Candy Darling gets her head stuck in the fence! She has four little horns poking out every which way. Then she sees some sort of tastiness- Goldenrod, usually. She's just getting the hang of how to turn her head just right to squeeze them through. But sometimes she doesn't get it out again. 

And after we get her head out, the fence is wrapped in wool. 

I'm worried she might stick her head in and get stuck in the middle of the night, and then whatever ate the ducks will come and eat Candy! 

A few weeks ago, I got smart and put an automatic chicken door that opens and closes on its own when it gets dark. So I don't have to put the chicken in at night! 

And now, here I am hiking a quarter mile out to pull Candy Darling's head out of the fence each night. 

Sweet little lamb. 

1 comment:

  1. Maybe her head and horns will get too big to stick through the fence?