Art Show Setup!

It's not until next Saturday, but we decided to set up early. It was crazy with the farmer's market downtown, and the 120 degree skywalk, but we got her done.

yellow rose gallery

This is strange. Perhaps only you who follow me would understand. I think I'm being influenced by Wanda Gag. 

leg sketch by shoshanah marohn

She was always writing about the folds in fabric. Capturing that. I was never interested in doing that, until I read her diary.

I drew this this morning. I never do pencil drawings, but this is a pencil drawing. I never do these lovely folds of fabric, but there it is. And I never do these distortions- at least not on purpose- but this time I did it in purpose. I wasn't thinking about it or anything, because that would be wrong, but I did it. On purpose. 

leg sketch

It became all round and lovely and weird. 

leg sketch on wood

I call it "Wanda."

Bad Assed Husband calls it, "legs." 

Keeping it real! 

I don't care if anyone likes it. I'll keep it on my wall forever. 


  1. Tip-toe through the tulips! :)

  2. I love it! I'll miss the opening, alas, keep me on your list though, I have a niece in Poynette, we may be out your way again.

  3. Thanks for the encouragements! I need it.