While you were out...

The internet was down at my house for a few days. I don't get cell phone reception at my house, either, so it was a true black out! And then the regular phone just stopped working, in the middle of a conversation! So I said to the kiddo,

"Put on your pants! We're going to town!"

"Going to town?" she asked. "why ever for, dear mother?" (I'm paraphrasing.)

"We must tell the telephone people that the telephone is out of service!"

So off to town we went!

They sent over the same man who set up the modem five years ago. He walked into the house, and went straight up the stairs,

"I remember where it is!" he said.

He rewired some things, and now we're right as rain. Except, of course, that I made a blog post mid week that was completely lost in the aether. Although, really- isn't that where all of this will end up, someday? Lost in the abyss of all time? Who is reading this? You are, of course. But not for long! No, not for long. The ephemeral essence of the internet will take over, alas, and all will be lost.

Tomorrow is the big day! Am I ready? No, no. Not at all. Never ready until the moment of.

Frank will be there. 

Are you ready?


  1. Oh, dear, what trevails have befallen the house of Marohn.
    By the way, if Frank doesn't sell, let me know. I'll buy him and give him a good home.

  2. Oh, good to know! Someone said he would buy it, a friend of another artist, but "after the show". So it stays up another two weeks in the gallery, and we'll see what happens.