Free Today

I suppose you've all read it already, but if you know anyone who might like it, my first book is free today in the Kindle Edition (I think it's probably still going to be free tomorrow, too... it's been a while since I scheduled this giveaway!):

Thank you to everyone who wrote reviews of it! That helps me a lot.

P.S. I had a great vacation! Thanks for asking. Went to California. It was lovely. My dad and stepmother were sick, so it was very chill at the Old Lee Homestead. Then we went down to The City (as San Francisco is called locally) and played for a couple of days. The way home was a little frustrating, with silly and unnecessary flight delays, abut we made it home in the end. I am now a year older and maybe five years regressed in wisdom. Also fatter. But it was fun. Great to see old friends. 

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