Feeling Spacey

It came to my attention last night with Professor Batty that, even if you follow this blog religiously, it's difficult to tell what I'm doing with all of these pictures. So, just to clarify:

1. I made a new year's resolution to draw every day, which I have pretty much kept.

2. The drawings fall under three categories:

a. Murgatroyd Buttercups: Murgatroyd Buttercups is a children's book, written by my old friend, Yosha Bourgea. He has asked me to illustrate this funny story for him, and I am happy to oblige. We're shooting for "some time this summer" as a release date.

b. Coloring Book of the Tufa: My friend Alex Bledsoe has asked if I might collaborate with him on a coloring book to accompany his fantasy novels about a race of people called the Tufa. Since I love the novels, I am happy to oblige. The coloring book, which does not yet have an official title, comes out this September, along with his next book, Chapel of Ease.

c. Other stuff! I do have another project in mind, but I don't feel ready to reveal the details, yet. They are still stewing around in my brain.

Today's drawing falls under "Other Stuff":

feeling spacey

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