The Greatest Meeting Since Elvis Met The Beatles

Mr. and Mrs. Batty (as my daughter calls them) came to visit yesterday evening, all the way from Flippist World Headquarters! They even came bearing gifts.This is an original Wanda Gäg picture that the Professor stole from the famous archive of Minnesota:

The Batties ate lamb with us, and I learned that you aren't supposed to tell the name of the lamb while you are eating it- who knew? We went outside for drinks, and while I was being eaten alive by mosquitos, Mr. Batty took this picture,

I was so thoroughly bitten in the face that today, my friend Marca asked me if I was suffering from hives! (True story.) Batty handed the camera to Big Z, and she somehow melted space and time to create this picture,

I guess it's time I finally admitted that the red VW is, in fact, the Great Space Coaster, and can therefore create wormholes at will. Phew. Glad I got that off my chest! Come to think of it, I should have loaned it to the Batties so they could fly back to their home world of Minnesota! Maybe I can remember that next time. 

Thank you for visiting, Professor Batty and the Weaver! A good time was had by all. (Except for the lamb, who from now on shall remain nameless [poor Sevilla].)


  1. Home brew as well as your own lamb and rhubarb! A dinner above and beyond the call of duty! I should have take a picture of Z's "Men-u", it was priceless.

  2. The panorama is incredibly odd.