Yoshimi Has Triplets on Mother's Day

triplet lambs
Yoshimi with her three lambs- one on the right, two on the left.
They are all three black with white spots on their heads, and
hard to get a good picture of.

Yoshimi has been looking so huge and so miserable! We've been thinking she was going to blow up. And then today, three giant lambs!

When I first went out there to check on the sheep today, I was late because I had my Mother's Day breakfast and all that. Yoshimi was just having the the third lamb, and one of the first two had run off with Chyoko, and then one of Chyoko's twins had accidentally stayed with Yoshimi. This caused me to run around for a few minutes saying, "Oh no, oh my, oh no, oh my..." because if they don't bond with the lamb right at birth, they reject it and you have to bottle feed it every three hours and it's annoying as hell. And expensive! Formula for lambs. What a drag. But, luckily, they figured it out on their own! It was kind of fun to watch them make the trade. Lots of bahing. The lambs were switched back, but then Yoshimi wandered off to eat grass, and two of her babies went with her, and the third didn't, he just lay on the ground crying... so I surrounded them all with electric fencing and kept getting closer and closer, into a smaller and smaller circle. Eventually, I got her into this tiny area with her separated from the other sheep, and a nice little shelter from the sun. Last I checked, she was taking care of all three of them.


Two ewes, one ram. We can make black top hats out of their wool!

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