A List of Excuses, Useful for Any Occasion

1. I have bug bites all over my body.

2. Those sheep! With the baahing!

3. This child here with me? She never leaves!

4. (This one is truly serious.) I really liked him. I took him for granted, actually. And suddenly, he died. And none of us was ever the same again. (My sister's husband died quite suddenly. He was such a nice person, so smart, so funny, so good. I can't quite believe it. It's like the cover of Where the Sidewalk Ends. It used to scare me, as a kid, how Shel Silverstein drew it. Someone was just walking along, and then there was nothing...
Although I do believe my brother in law is still with us. It's difficult to explain.)

5. (Back to lightheartedness) The sun was so hot. The humidity was so high!

6. There was this giant moth! 

7. I was trying to learn Portuguese.

8. The raspberries were calling me.

9. I burn easily.

10. I was thinking of you, always. I swear. Please forgive me.  


  1. The excuse I've used the most in my life has been; 'It didn't pay off so I moved in a more interesting direction.'