Finally! Someone who laughs at my jokes.

I made Zelma really laugh for the first time tonight. She has two laughs: a little snicker, which she does so often that, if she weren't so sweet and innocent, we might think she was just laughing at us all of the time; and then she has a real belly laugh, which I've only heard once or twice, and until tonight, it was only Brian who could make her do it.

Tonight, though, I got her to laugh really hard. All I did was lay on my back and hold her over me, parallel to me, to make her feel like she was flying. She thought it was hilarious. I have no idea why.

And in other news... Lake Minona is already frozen over and has snow landing on it. It snowed again today. There are ice fishermen out already. Ice fishermen are insane, the whole stinken' lot of them. Why in the world would you go out and sit on a frozen lake all day? Many of them don't catch a darn thing. They just drink beer. They bring a tobogan full of beer out with them and sit out there and drink. They sit in groups. It's quite the sport. I hear things get real sketchy when you run out of beer out there on the lake. Sitting out there just isn't the kind of thing you want to do sober. I call it "Ice Drinking," actually.


  1. I think it's just an excuse to go somewhere that their wives won't follow and drink with the boys.

  2. It beats hanging out in bars. Well, maybe not, actually.