It Happens

I was taking a bath in the bathtub with Zelma today (because that's how all the books recommend doing it) when something horrible happened. I bet you can guess what it was.

I was just getting ready to get out. I rinsed my face and rubbed my eyes and looked down and- yes, there it was- baby poop in the bath water. "AH!" I yelled, and spat, because I had just washed my face. I looked over and saw the familiar one-toothed grin from you-know-who (no, not Voldemort, Zelma). And that's when Zelma got her first shower with Mommy. Quickly. Immediately. She didn't mind it a bit. Nor the poop, for that matter.

Babies really give you a new perspective on bodily functions.


  1. I must admit...I'm giggling quite a bit. It might not be so funny, if it had happened to me. ;)