It's Cold!

It's so cold today, I saw a tall man spit on the street, and it looked like the spit froze before it hit the ground.

When it's this cold, our digital thermometer malfunctions. Anything too far below zero, and the display says, "LL.L". You know when you see that LL.L that you just shouldn't bother going outside. Brian says it should say, "BR.R".

It was actually -10 f, according to the radio this morning. Negative ten Fahrenheit isn't too cold, depending. It all depends on what you're used to. I mean, if you're used to Neptune, for instance, where temperatures dip down to -270 Fahrenheit, well, you see, negative ten is toasty warm!

I just feel sorry for those cold blooded people in Washington, who don’t have hearts to keep them warm. But then, I guess they can probably already feel the fires of hell nipping their toes, so they’ll be all right.

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  1. You'd best stay at home. Consider what happened to this guy