Nursery Creepiness

Last night, around ten, the mobile in Zelma's room started playing its music box lullaby, the little stuffed animals going round and round over an empty crib. Nobody had touched it, and Zelma was asleep in the other room.

On a scale of creepiness, a mobile going round and round in the dark, playing "Lullaby and Goodnight" to no one, is pretty darn creepy.

I guess you could explain it by saying that temperature and humidity changes in the air in our house turned it on? It's a wind up thing. It played for a minute or so, which is a long time when you're wondering if the nursery is haunted.

Sweetie Cat and Brian seemed completely unmoved by this, although Zelma let out a cry in her sleep when I looked in on her (I thought maybe it was a sign that I should check on her).

It wouldn't have been so strange to me, either, except that I saw that ghost in the bedroom the one time. And it was pretty bizarre.


  1. That would have totally freaked me out!

  2. One night after Granny died there was a light in the outhouse...

  3. One night Marcos and I were asleep, when all of a sudden, there was a loud crashing noise and the light in the bedroom came on. We both sat up in bed, and my heart started racing. Marcos got up and ran around the apartment in his underwear, looking for an intruder. Since our apartment is about 500 square feet, it took approximately a minute to discern that no one was in the house but us. I was still terribly freaked out, and then Bill (the cat) came running into the room, chasing a giant horsefly, which kept landing on things, and which made me realize that he had probably turned the light on while trying to catch the fly. But it still freaked me out!