For the Alumni...

This was from today:

"Lady suit, at lunch: How is it?
Male suit: It needs something.
Lady suit: Perhaps you should have asked for a more aggressive vegetable.

9th Street and Main Avenue
Durango, Colorado"

Okay, I can't quite picture 9th St. and Main Avenue-- but I'm thinking Golden Dragon. Anyone?


  1. Oh yeah, that is where the Golden Dragon is. But who wears a suit in Durango? This quoted exchange is suspect at best.

  2. I thought 9th and Main is where what used to be Father Murphy's is...I can't remember what it's called now. I just remember it hasn't been Father Murphy's in a really long time. I also thought Golden Dragon was more like 10th or 11th and Main.

    Then again, I think we all know how bad my senses of direction and location I could be WAY off! LOL!

  3. Ninth and Main is the corner one block away from South City Market, so, right across the street from the Strater Hotel, where the river rafting stand is- just up the street from Lady Falconburgh's. (I looked it up on Mapquest aerial images). But Robyn is right- who wears a suit there?

  4. The whole idea of a suit there makes the entire quote suspect.

    I looked up the Golden Dragon, however, and the address is: Golden Dragon, 992 Main Ave, Durango, which means it is probably more like tenth and Main.

  5. As an afterthought, though, it's funny that I just asked you all about this, rather than looking it up. I think I have this idea that you can't look up Durango on the internet, maybe because the internet was in its infancy when I lived there, and Durango can never progress through time. It certainly seemed like it hadn't progressed through time up until that point- 1993 in Durango was like 1973 was in the rest of America.

    In some ways, I'm not so off the mark. The Golden Dragon doesn't have a web site or anything. Every restaurant here has their menu on the web!

  6. Wait...I was right about Golden Dragon being at 10th and Main?!

    *looks out window* Did hell freeze over?!

    I'm never right about that kind of thing!!!