Must vote, must vote, must vote on Tuesday (string around the finger)

As you may know, Wisconsin votes on Tuesday.

Voting in Wisconsin is very chill. You can register when you get there, and you can vote for anyone you like.

I know. You're thinking, "Of course you can vote for anyone you like! That's why it's called voting! Duh!" But no. I mean, you can vote for ANYONE you like. You can, for instance, be a Republican and vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary, which I bet a lot of Republicans will do, since their own primary is not nearly as exciting as the Democrats'. We don't have to declare membership to any party here, and we're just given this list of names (from both - or all - parties), with the instructions that we may only vote in one party's primary.

So, there!

How free love.

It's those harsh winters. They bring out the best in people.


  1. This may be the only time you'll ever see Republicans voting for a Clinton. It's sort of like bowling. They want to set her up to knock her down.