Winter forever!

This is my very professional drawing of winter this year. Forget global warming! This winter will last forever. It will never end.

Tomorrow, we are supposed to get another foot of snow. This will be the fifth or sixth thousandth time this year that we will be snowed in, because they plow our street second to last (cul de sacs get plowed dead last). Also, we have been stuck inside because it was hovering around zero for, like, a million times.

Forget global warming. This is the nuclear winter, the apocolypse, the never ending merry go round to ice forever. And on and on and on.

Screw you, Father Winter! And the horse you came in on!

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  1. That's the spirit!

    Yesterday was Citrus Fair Parade Day here in Cloverdale. After the parade, I mowed the lawn. It was getting kinda long.