We got a new furnace installed on Tuesday. Our old one was making a horrible noise. It's a good thing we got a new one when we did. The high today is negative 3. Isn't that a mathematical fallacy? How could the high be negative?

Oh, and it's incredibly windy. The wind chill is probably negative 30.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, why the heck would someone who grew up in California move there? What the heck was she thinking? It's nice here in other ways. (I'll let you wonder what they are!) And, as an added bonus, I bought ice cream and frozen dinners at the grocery today, and I didn't have to worry about anything thawing out on the way home! Of course, I had to sit in my frozen automobile and wait for the inside of the windshield to thaw so that I could see before I could leave the parking lot and go home again, but I had absolutely no worries about that ice cream thawing. None at all! And if the freezer goes out, we can always just put things outside! Now, you can't say that about Northern California.


  1. Once,, the year I moved to Durango, Jessica and I were making sushi, and we put the pan of rice outside in a snow bank to cool it down to a temperature that we could handle. This was a total novelty to me. But these things come in handy, too- last year we went to a party where they put the beer outside in the snow to keep it chilled. Free refrigeration! (Of course, then it froze. But that is a story for another day.)

  2. Did you fry eggs on the sidewalk back in Victorville?

  3. Actually, when I was a kid in elementary school, my teacher did fry an egg on the sidewalk. It was a lot like frying an egg over very low heat in a very bad pan, but it worked!