Set cynicism aside for a moment


  1. Can't I be cynical about Obama for a moment? Just because we can't see anyone pulling his strings, doesn't mean they aren't there. People sure are buying into this "trust Obama" mindset. How much do we really know about him. Do we know anything that wasn't spoon-fed by the media?

    I voted today. It was the only way to offset my wife's vote.

  2. Yes, of course you can be cynical. But I have been cynical for so long now, I feel like taking a break!

    I like this ad, but my cynical side also says, "Great! So we know that some good looking people in Hollywood like Obama! Big Woop!"

    And then there is the "change" motif. Change really means nothing. Hitler was all about change, too.

    But I like Obama! Can't I? I'm fairly unmediated, really. This is the only Obama ad I've seen. And you're right. I know nothing about him. My real hope was in Kucinich, but he's dropped out.

    The bright side of this election is that just about anyone has got to be better than George Bush II!