My street this morning at 10 AM

The sidewalk was already completely cleared, after nine or so inches of snow in the past 24 hours. That's the Midwest work ethic for you!

It's beautiful, no?


  1. Quite beautiful, yes!

    I wish they would be that diligent about snow removal here! The Lowry neighbourhood, where I live, in particular seems to be really bad. The parking lots at my building have been really icy and snowy since we had our first big snow...despite having some rather warm weather since that first snow!

  2. It's actually a law here that you have to shovel your sidewalk. They even issue tickets if you don't do it, which seemed kind of harsh to me, at first, but as someone who likes to walk around the neighborhood with a stroller, I really appreciate it, now. Also, we have this wonderful next door neighbor who often does ours for us! Thanks, John, wherever you are! (You're probably next door, come to think of it, and unlikely to read this, but still, thanks.)