California Dreamin'

Zelmarific readers know that we went on a trip to California recently. We had a nice trip. Here are some pictures with short explanations:

This is the view I never see.

Zelma at the restaurant in Half Moon Bay. About a month and a half ago, I was terrified to take her to a restaurant. Now it's old hat. She's actually quite entertaining at times. She grabbed my glass of ice water and poured it on herself.

Me and Jennifer, or Zgjenyue, as I call her. Don't we look fabulous? I sewed that heart on her sweatshirt. It used to be mine. She gave me a tangerine track suit in exchange.

A pretty flowering bush in my parents' backyard.

The redwood forest by La Honda, where my dad used to drive for a gig in a biker bar when I was a kid. He drove from Sebastopol. That has to be two or three hours away!

Brian posted a few.

Zelma and Brian, playing in the backyard.

The weather was perfect. Occasionally, someone would say, "it's freezing!" which was quite funny. When we got home, there was still ice over my hostas.

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