Election Commentary

I guess you can tell I want Obama for president.

People are getting really worked up over this election. It seems like the pundits are really stuck on the fact that it's not over yet, like they think it's drawing out endlessly, this choosing of the Democratic candidate. Well, not just the pundits, EVERYONE is getting a little sick of it, right?

We're so impatient. I bet we'll all look back on this as an intensely interesting time to be alive.

While I'm commenting, I guess I'll tell you my opinions:

In the beginning, I thought I liked all the candidates- McCain included. He's always been one of my favorite Republicans. (Believe it or not, I have on a few occasions voted Republican, though never in the presidential race. I've more often voted for the Green party. I guess I'm one of those people they really campaign towards, since I change my mind a lot.)

A few months later, I started getting really disgusted by McCain's war-mongering attitude, and his idiotic health care plan, so I opted not to vote for him no matter who the Democrat is.

At the same time, I was very taken with Obama's speeches. I just like listening to the man talk. It's so refreshing, after Bush Jr.! Although I could barely distinguish Obama's ideas from those of Clinton's. And yes, I realize that "change" is a pretty vague notion, but I am so tired of being a cynic. I want someone to believe in. Call me naive. Go ahead. You won't be the first.

Obama's speech about race in America (his reaction to the whole preacher scandal) was great, in my humble opinion.

At the same time as enjoying Obama, I started to dislike Clinton's rhetoric. Clinton has a really hard time admitting she was wrong, apologizing, admitting she lied. She seems to want victory at any cost. She seems petty. And she even unearthed Obama's kindergarten records. Come on! Although I recall at one time in the nineties wishing that she would run for president!

I have a pet peeve about how Clinton is treated by the media- namely (pun intended) they often call her "Hillary". I see that as disrespectful towards her, and it irks me because it is only because she is female. It's not as bad lately as it used to be- they don't do it as often. I mean, I understand that her husband is very famous, but I think we all get that SHE is running for president now!

All in all, though, I think it's so fantastic that we are having trouble deciding between a female, a person of mixed race, and an ancient old geezer for president! Okay, I'm not that excited about the ancient old geezer, but still. It is an exciting time to be alive right now.

It's funny how the main stream media doesn't quite know how to deal with it, sometimes. They treat it all like business as usual, trying to pick out their sound bites and such. I think the American people know this is not business as usual anymore. This is in our lifetime, a brother, a sister, and a freakin' prisoner o' war racing for the white house! Wake up! This is history, right before your eyes! Smile! The times, they are a changin'

And now I really have to go to bed...


  1. I love people who think I'm brilliant! Right back atcha, sister!

  2. So, you like Obama mainly because he isn't Clinton or McCain? Oh, plus you like the sound of his voice (basically JFK without the Boston accent).

    I can live with that.

  3. I am very disgusted with Clinton right now (although the whole "Hilary" thing bothers me, too- I think it's used to make her seem less powerful). While she and Bill have been trashing Obama for his links to Reverend Wright, she has never once mentioned that he was the person that they brought in to do marriage counseling when it came out that Bill was boffing Monica Lewinsky. That's just so hypocritical!

  4. Holy frijoles, Batman! Is that true? Where did you hear that?

  5. http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/03/20/photograph-of-bill-clinton-and-rev-wright-surfaces

  6. Michael Moore mentioned it in his most recent e-mail. The picture is from a Very Important Dinner Party. However, the more I look at it, the more it appears that they just invited a bunch of religious people to the White House to make a public apology. Not really marriage counseling, I guess... but it still seems ridiculous to me to be blaming Obama for things his pastor said years ago.

  7. Yeah, I don't know. I wish they would just let religion be religion and politics be politics.

    I still liked Obama's speech about race and religion, though, and we wouldn't have got that if they hadn't hounded him about Rev. Wright.