The Pueblo Series: Columbus Day Protest

In front of the Pueblo Library, in the middle of the street, stands a statue of Christopher Columbus, which goes largely ignored for 363 days of the year. Columbus Day, however, is the Columbus statue's time to shine. Every year at this time, a protest takes place in front of the statue, presumably mostly by Native Americans who believe that it is stupid to have a holiday celebrating some jerk "discovering" a place where they already lived, and then killing a bunch of people in horrible ways.

I'm totally with them- in spirit. I just drove by the protest, as you can see in the pictures. I'm not completely devoted to the cause. Any day off is good, right? But not to celebrate an asshole. Maybe they could rename it for someone else?


  1. Maybe we should officially change it to "National Oppressed Peoples" day. Personally, I don't think we should celebrate Columbus day, either- but I never get the day off, so I am not celebrating.

  2. Hello again - nice blog right back at you!
    What if it were actually called 'Assholes Day'?

  3. LOL! You're British, aren't you? So you probably don't know that we already have an "Assholes Day." It's sort of like your "Bank Holiday."

    Just kidding. But, when I visited London, I wanted to go over to the Isle of Guernsey, where my ancestors were from, and I couldn't find a place to stay there because it was, "Bank Holiday". And I was like, "Bank Holiday? What is this? How many people in England could possibly work at banks?"

    Holidays aside, I thought London to be the best place on Earth.