The Pueblo Series: Mumsey's False Nose Collection

I spent the last week visiting my in-laws in Pueblo, Colorado. Pueblo is a nice place where I lived for five or so years. I have lived away from Pueblo for five or so years, so it was interesting to go back and see it with fresh eyes.

I find my in-laws' habits peculiar, of course, because they aren't my own. Being good-natured souls, they tolerate me blogging about them. I saw this jar in the cupboard and felt compelled to photograph it for the blog. The title expresses my best guess at what it is.

The title also indicates, "series". This makes me feel special, like an artist or something. It's a special way of saying that I took a lot of pictures in Pueblo, and I'm going to share some of them with you for the next five or so days.

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