The Pueblo Series: How to set the table

This was in a basket on a bureau next to the dinette table, in plain view. As you have probably guessed, the table was laid perfectly.

I spent much of my week reading thirty or forty year old magazines. Mumsey has lived in the same house for fifty years, and things collect. They are now in a state of purging and getting rid of things. The old magazines were being read for the last time, presumably. You'd be surprised how many hard liquor ads there were in a typical 1970's Family Circle. I really liked the patterns and room decorating ideas (for the entertainment value, only. For example, there was an article on how to decorate using mattress pads).

I did take an especially easy looking pattern for a whale pillow. I think I'll make it for Zelma for Christmas.

I'll post a picture here when I'm done.

I don't know if the place setting card came from an old magazine, but I'm guessing it did.

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