And Then There Were None

I've been teaching reading to middle schoolers.

I did a little reading survey to discover what they like. One class is into mysteries. To my delight, I found a class set of And Then There Were None, complete with an audio CD to play if I like. I don't even have to waste my breath if I want to read aloud. Imagine that.

I love that book. (Though I'm glad they trashed the original title.*) I've read it three or four times. The first time was when I was my students' age (thirteen). I was shocked to find a class set of it at school- uncracked paperbacks.

The librarian orders the books. I find it a bit ironic that one generation's smut becomes, over time, a classic to be read in school.

So be it!

This week is Banned Books Week! I could happily read nothing but banned books for the rest of my life. The only commonality between them seems to be that they make you think.

* A bit ironic after my latest entry, isn't it? We'll most likely be talking about that original title in class.

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