The things people never believe, Part 3

I started life as a redhead, and the older I get, the blonder I get. The most dramatic change happened when I was away in Sweden for a year at the age of seventeen. I came back to California, and most people assumed I had died my hair blond. It was just too unbelievable that someone could actually turn blond from living in Sweden. I mean, come on!

I never wanted to be a blond. Ever. At all. I would have loved to spend my entire life as a redhead, or even a brunette.

So, when I swear I don't dye my hair blond, I think I come off just a little bit over-the-top.


  1. It could be worse. You could slowly grow giant, robotically pert boobies. Then the rumours would really fly AND they'd all want to give em a squish to make sure.

  2. Yes, it would be horrid to have breasts so beautiful everyone thought they were fake!

    Oh, the horror. The horror!

    Just gives me the heeby jeebies thinking about it.

  3. I started life with brown/black Italian girl hair and slowly faded to mousy brownish grey. I'm seriously thinking about a dye job.