The Art of Teaching

I feel like it's wrong to blog about work. However, I can make a few general statements, now that school has actually started, like this:

Teaching is ___________________ .

A. a performance art

b. very gratifying

c. very frustrating

d. fun

e. exhausting

f. all of the above

Good test takers will note that, if the test is written by a human (and not by committee), "all of the above" is the most likely correct answer. Good writers will note that "very" is an overused word that should be avoided at all cost.

1 comment:

  1. In the paper was the headline 'SCHOOL RETURNS FROM SUMMER HOLIDAYS TO FIND IT HAS NO TEACHERS AND NO PUPILS'. It made me picture a school building walking back up the road to where it trotted off from, feeling sad there was no one to greet it.

    Instead the only staff are two substitute teachers. That's got to be a weird job right now.