The things people never believe, Part 2

I went through this phase in college when I really liked root beer. Seriously. A&W was my favorite. But whenever I talked about my love for root beer, people invariably believed that it was a euphemism for actual, alcoholic beer. I guess it's just a stereotype about college students. When I said,

"No, really, root beer!" That just brought on laughter and nudges and such.

I finally learned to keep my root beer habit a secret.


  1. I used to get a similar response whenever I expressed enthusiasm for playing with my hamster. Which was an actual hamster, named Ziggy Sawdust.

    Root Beer was extremely hard to buy in the UK until recently. I have a friend who adores A&W rb and I used to get them from a special import shop for $2 a can. Now you can buy it in the supermarket.

  2. Ah, yes, good ole rut beer. Nothin' like it!