Exit Through the Gift Shop

I saw the greatest movie the other day. I liked it so much, I watched it twice. It's called, Exit Through the Gift Shop. (If you do Netflix, it's on the instant list right now.)It's a documentary about street artists. That would probably be enough to hold my attention alone, because you know how I love graffiti, but then some extremely unexpected things start happening.

The director of the film is this street artist, Banksy, who never actually reveals his identity, even though he is one of the main characters in the film. You see his hands, or you see him in shadow. He distorts his voice in interviews. This movie progresses quickly into all sorts of bizarrities that I shouldn't reveal here. I know some of my readers are very mild mannered, so I'd just like to mention that there is no naughty language or violence in this film. If it sounds too tame for you because of that, well, don't worry. It's not tame at all. Quite the contrary.

You couldn't write better fiction. Really. And it's all true- they've got it all on film!


  1. Thanks for the recommendation--we'll watch it!

  2. ... as soon as we finish the last two episodes of the last season of Veronica Mars, that is. Of course, as a teacher, you know that VM and Freaks & Geeks are on your required viewing list. Right?